For those who desire a bit of privacy from neighbors, or want to mark the boundaries of their property, a dividing wall would be one way to accomplish those goals. This is a lighter-duty wall than retaining walls, which are designed to withstand pressure from holding back soil. The dividing wall stands alone and marks a boundary, and it can be decorative, if you wish.

The main thing to remember about dividing walls is to plan the materials carefully according to the desired height. A taller wall will require sturdier materials in order to ensure its safety. Another thing to remember is that the width of the wall will need to correspond to the height, so that the entire structure will be sturdy enough. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to make a final decision on the wall’s height before preparing the ground and beginning to build. Unfortunately, you can’t decide upon a taller wall later and simply stack more blocks on top.

Several factors will determine the final choice of building materials. The desired height of the wall is a factor, as well as the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences. Some want a plain wall that strictly serves a functional purpose, while others want their wall to be decorative as well. Budget is also another factor in choosing materials.

We can use pre-cast blocks, which look similar to pavers, and these add a nice decorative touch to your landscaping. The drawback to these blocks, however, is that they can only be safely stacked to about two feet high. For those who want a taller dividing wall, a good choice would be blocks that have a lip formed on the back. This lip catches on the back of the block below it, so that they can be stacked up at on angle. The structural integrity with these blocks is much better, so we can build a higher wall without safety considerations.

A taller privacy wall of 5 to 6 feet will limit materials. For this we can use a colored concrete block with texture on one or both sides, depending upon the desired appearance. We can also use a construction method that utilizes geogrids, which are a fiberglass mats which run between the blocks to give the wall greater stability.

Safety, quality, and customer satisfaction are our top concerns when building a wall. Please call us to receive an estimate on your dividing wall project, and we will be happy to review your options

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