Last week we began explaining hardscape, and this week we will continue focusing on a few other functions of hardscape and the important materials involved with it.

In addition to fencing and walls, another function of hardscape is to provide shelter. Gazebos and overhangs are two examples of outdoor shelters that will allow you to use your yard more and protect you from rainy weather as well as provide shade during those hot, sunny days. You may choose to have an overhang attached to your home or you can build a stand-alone gazebo or pergola somewhere in your backyard.

Another benefit of hardscape is that it cuts down on the chore of lawn maintenance. If you are one who thinks mowing your lawn is a nuisance, hardscape can alleviate the problem. Paving walkways or putting in patios will definitely reduce the amount of grassy area in your backyard, giving you a very low-maintenance yard.

If your heart is set on designing your property with hardscaping features, you will have many decisions to make. Having the correct materials to use is vital for your final product and it’s good to know your options. Here are some popular hardscaping materials and the common uses and advantages for each.

  • Brick

Red bricks can give your patio, walls, and/or barbeque a classic look that never goes out of style. Just remember that brick tends to be more expensive than concrete and can have a comparable cost with stone.

  • Stone

There are a few different kinds of stone that are very popular with hardscaping. These include flagstone, sandstone, slate, limestone, and quartzite.

  • Wood

The use of wood can create a fluid transition into a wooden landscape. It’s most commonly used in fences and decks. Decks are usually built with pressure-treated pine while if you use wood for a retaining wall, they are usually constructed with treated landscape timbers. You can also use wood chips to make a rustic walkway.

  • Pavers

These refer to different kinds of brick-sized units for patio flooring and walls. These may be brick pavers or concrete pavers. They can be dyed any color and formed into any shape you wish. Usually, pavers will interlock to form a pattern.

Regardless of your hardscape or landscape needs, we can make the area around your home as beautiful as you want. We have licensed landscape designers that can turn your yard into paradise! If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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