Who wouldn’t love their own private, cozy outdoor space, filled with serene, beautiful plant life? If The Secret Garden was a beloved book when you were a child, or you’re just the type to enjoy peaceful seclusion, you will be excited to learn that you can create your own “secret garden” in your backyard. You just need a few creative ideas and a bit of hard work to make it happen.

Here are just a few of the main components that you can use to create a secret garden hideaway. But feel free to personalize as you wish!

An entrance. An entrance defines the space, and lends to that mysterious feeling of enchantment. Use a gate or an arbor covered in vines to mark the journey into your special place.

Provide a pathway. A pathway of blocks, bricks, stepping stones, pebbles, or an actual sidewalk will provide the focal point leading into your private retreat. If your plan is a larger scale project, continue a meandering path throughout the garden as well.

Build a private spot. Fencing, lattice panels, or wrought iron screening can be used to define your cozy space.

Consider lighting. If you’ll be using your secret garden at night, consider a strand or two of twinkly lights above a picnic table or solar lights to line your pathway.

Add a water feature. A bubbling fountain provides the perfect classic centerpiece to a secret garden, and the sound of water will help to mask any noise pollution from your neighborhood.

Know your reason. What do you want from your secret garden? Know your reason, and provide seating or other features that allow you to pass time there.

Fill it with plants. This is the most fun part, at least in our opinion! Once you’ve defined your space and added the necessary hardscaping elements and other features, it’s time to do the actual gardening.

Consider plants that contribute to the mood you want to achieve. If you want a sheltered feeling, fill out the space with shrubs or small trees that will grow overhead. Flowers add beauty, and climbing vines lend a mystical quality.

For more on your landscaping and plant options, call us to discuss your ideas. We can help you determine the right features for your secret garden, and make a plan to put it all together.

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