Have you ever seen a retaining wall that has become cracked and discolored? The most likely cause for this problem is that the contractor didn’t take proper steps to ensure adequate drainage of water from behind the wall.

BBQ with stucco finish and two level counter

Any time someone comes along in your neighborhood and offers to do a landscaping job – for example, a wall or a patio – for much cheaper than the other estimates you received, this should raise red flags. It’s common to see unlicensed contractors doing these types of jobs, and there are several significant risks…

Landscaping wall estimate

When calling a contractor for an estimate on building a wall, it’s important to know how the estimate is actually calculated. This gives the customer a better idea of what they are paying for and of different charges they may incur in the event they want to change their mind about one or more aspects…

Last week we began explaining hardscape, and this week we will continue focusing on a few other functions of hardscape and the important materials involved with it.


We are going to spend the next couple of articles focusing on ‘hardscape’ and topics which can make your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Pruning specific types of roses

On the heels of our previous discussion on how to prune roses, this week we are going to look at how to prune specific types of roses.

Beautiful rose bush that needs to be pruned

You may have questions and concerns regarding the annual maintenance required to keep your roses looking healthy, beautiful, and happy. Ideally, the months of January and February in frost-prone areas, are the best time to prune your roses. And, believe it or not, there is a great deal of controversy focusing on the manner in…

Beautiful outdoor landscape

As we mentioned last week, there are many different terms that people use in the landscaping industry. However, since many of these terms are used interchangeably, it’s important to understand the specific definition of these terms.

getting creative with concrete

In the world of landscaping, there are many “landscaping” terms that people throw around and use interchangeably, even though they have different meanings.


Whiteflies can definitely be a nuisance to your flowers, plants, and vegetables.

grafting and root stock

In the world of gardening, you’ll often hear terms such as “grafting” and “root stock.”.  They can be a bit confusing but must be handled properly to ensure healthy trees and shrubs.  The method has been implemented for hundreds of years, but can still be a little tricky.  Here’s a brief overview.  Keep in mind…

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