Whether you’re trying to sell your home, or want to love your home every day when you arrive, improving its curb appeal is relatively simple. You don’t necessarily need to repaint or remodel your entire home – a few easy landscaping projects will refresh the look of your house in a matter of days, and you can select projects that fit your budget. Here are a few ideas to help you find some inspiration:

1. Build a walkway directly to the front door. Whether you choose concrete or paving stones, a walkway to the door looks inviting, and also creates a defined travel zone to protect your lawn and other plantings from being trampled. Many of us keep our cars on the driveway which makes walking difficult for guests. A sidewalk to the front door helps to comfortably bring people in.

2. Remove trees that block the front door. Make your front door visible from the street, and allow for a better view of your front porch. Removing excess trees makes your home look larger and more open to guests.

3. Add pilasters or other decorative motifs. Once the front of your home is more open to the street, adding pilasters or other ornamental structures will dress up your entryway or porch. You may even find yourself wanting to spend more time on your new and improved front porch especially if it is on a shady side of your property.

4. Symmetry. Remember that symmetry is often a key component to visually pleasing designs. Adding a few elements that are balanced on the other side of the home or yard allows for a very structured look. Do remember, though, that there can be too much of a good thing. Your basic plan should include some symmetry, but allow for a few variations to add visual interest.

5. Landscape lighting. Add landscape lighting along walkways or the driveway, and your home will look warmer and more welcoming even at night. ((link to lighting blog))

6. Add a container garden. If you have limited space in your yard for flowerbeds, create a container garden using a variety of sizes and styles of pots. Scatter your flowering plants around the front porch or even along walkways. Remember that variation in color and size are key to making the garden interesting.

7. Frame your driveway. Your driveway is one of the most visible aspects of your home’s curb appeal, and a plain concrete slab isn’t too appealing. You might wish to plant decorative shrubbery alongside it, or add 18″ wide strips of stamped concrete to allow for additional space when you step out of the car.

8. Add or revamp planter beds. If your existing beds are boring or overgrown, clean them out and replant them with new, more vibrant plantings. If you don’t have beds, choose a section of your yard that needs to be spiffed up, and get to work.

9. Add arbors or fence panels. These structures are attractive, easy to install, and are an immediate upgrade for your landscaping.

10. Remove or reduce your grass. Some people do enjoy a vast expanse of lush green grass. However, it can be difficult to maintain, and you may find the look tired and boring. A more interesting design scheme involves removing some of that plain grass and adding other types of landscaping – shrubs, hardscape, flower beds, and so forth – to create a front lawn that is much more unique and interesting.

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