Raised modern style pool

Summer is swimming pool season, and you might be dreaming of your own backyard pool. One trend we’re seeing a lot lately is raised, or elevated, swimming pools. But before you opt for this visually appealing construction style, make sure you’ve researched all of the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefit #1: Raised pools are suitable for some yards. If your land falls within a flood zone, having an in-ground pool can create a hassle. Raising the pool could prevent flood water from getting into it. Raised pools can also be a great option for a sloping lot that you cannot or should not level. And finally, digging into ground that is very rocky can become labor-intensive or even impossible. Building the pool above ground is much easier in those cases.

Benefit #2: Raised pools are visually interesting. This is often the main reason homeowners express interest in raised pools. They just look cool! We can’t really argue with that, and if you prefer the look of a raised pool then it might be worth the drawbacks in your opinion.

Benefit #3: Raised pools might flow better with existing structures. If you already have a deck or other structure in your backyard, installing a raised pool can provide a seamless look.

Benefit #4: Raised pools are convenient for the elderly or disabled. Some people experience difficulty with getting into a typical in-ground pool. A raised pool can provide easier entry.

Drawback #1: You probably won’t save money. Many homeowners believe that building a raised pool will save a bit of money, due to not having to dig as far into the ground. But in most cases this simply isn’t true. Once we bring out the equipment to dig a pool and get started, going another foot deep does not really make much of a difference. Meanwhile, constructing the pool above ground actually does require some additional expense. You’re essentially building retaining walls strong enough to withstand the pressure of thousands of gallons of water, and those can get pricey.

Drawback #2: Security can be more challenging. We all understand the dangers a swimming pool can pose to young children. Some raised pools, installed level with the home’s deck, provide very easy entry to kids. But these same pools can be harder to secure with a fence.

Drawback #3: Maintenance is a bit more complicated. The maintenance of your raised pool will be similar to that of an in-ground pool. But there is one big difference; you now have to clean the outside of the walls as well. It’s just one more chore, but might be a drawback if you’re already very busy.

Even with a few drawbacks, a raised pool is a good option or even the only option for some homeowners. Call us to discuss your ideas, and we can help you plan a backyard oasis that meets your style and budget preferences.

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