Front courtyard, walkway and plantings

For a long time, we viewed front yards as something boring and uniform to maintain, while all the fun happened in backyards. But these days most of us prefer to beautify the front lawn, too. Plus, we can take advantage of the additional space, turning the front lawn into yet another place to enjoy outdoor time with the family or neighbors.

These ideas can help you merge form with function, adding curb appeal while increasing your enjoyment of the front yard.

Add a patio. Playing in the front yard is the best way to attract neighbors over to join in the fun. Add a patio, and now the adults have a spot to hang out and supervise. Bricks, pavers, or colored or stamped concrete offer plenty of versatility, so that you can design a patio that adds beauty to the front of your home.

Invite guests with a pathway. A pathway from sidewalk or driveway to the front door adds a decorative touch to the front lawn, while saving you from unappealing bare spots due to frequent trodding across the grass.

Change out your lawn. Increasingly, more homeowners are ditching the plain grass lawn for something more interesting. A xeriscape requires little to no maintenance, especially with regard to water, and can beautifully complement your home’s exterior. Other ground cover options, like creeping thyme, add both a pleasant scent and color. Many ground cover alternatives require less frequent or zero mowing.

Plant a row of festive roses. If you have problems with uninvited kids or pets frequenting your lawn, encourage them to stick to the sidewalk by planting a row of rose bushes. They look festive and add color, but politely serve your motivations.

Add pilasters and lights. The simple addition of pilasters will dramatically change your entryway. Include lights, and now the exterior of your home is much safer for visitors.

Build a privacy wall. Enclose a space with a privacy wall, and enjoy a cozy courtyard. This space can serve multiple uses, and it will be fun to decorate with potted plants or a fountain.

If any of these ideas appeal to you, give us a call. We will help you design an addition that lends both form and function to the front of your home.

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