Spring landscaping with iris flower beds.

March 20 marks the official beginning of spring, although even with this year’s mild winter, you’ve probably been daydreaming about it for a few months. It’s time to start preparing for spring planting. Follow these tips to get your yard – and yourself – ready for the new season.

Plan, plan, plan!

We can never emphasize this enough. The key to successful landscaping is to plan first, before you ever pick up a shovel. If you want to add some new plants to your yard, come visit our nursery and learn about all the different options available to you. Ask yourself about your goals: Do you want to add color? Provide shade? Increase your curb appeal? We can help you select the right plants to meet those goals.

Once you’ve decided what you want to plant, don’t forget about placement. Observe your yard carefully so that you’re aware of which spots receive full sun, and which are more dappled or shady. Make sure you’ll be placing your new plants in a spot that meets their individual sunlight needs.

What about maintenance?

If you don’t already have an efficient and functioning irrigation system, now is the time to consider it. Do you want to spend this summer standing out in the yard with a water hose, guessing at the correct amount of water for your landscaping needs? Or would you rather safeguard your new plants with an irrigation system that does the work for you and wastes as little water as possible?

Another consideration is the time and effort you’ll spend mowing your lawn, pulling weeds, and so on. Make sure proper maintenance is part of your plan, or consider hiring landscaping experts to care for your yard.

Get ready for planting season!

Now is a good time to check the condition of your soil. It may be time to rototill and add compost and other nutrients to improve its condition. Additionally, it is now time to do your spring fertilization. We recommend a three month slow-release fertilizer.

If you maintain your lawn yourself, check your equipment before you get started planting. Make sure all blades are sharp, and everything is in working order, so that your lawn does not become damaged or tattered when it should look its best!

Before you start planting, mark your calendar with the correct times. Come see us at our nursery, and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best times to plant your new trees, shrubs, and flowers. A little research and planning go a long way toward landscaping success!

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