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Many people want to try gardening, but they’re living in an apartment or small home without a yard. Maybe they love the idea of growing their own food, but imagine the need for a small farm in order to do so. Perhaps they want to try their hand at exotic flowers, but imagine they need to live in the perfect environment to do so. Container gardening is often the solution to this dilemma.

Even so, you might imagine that herbs or small flowers are the only things you can grow in pots. This isn’t true at all! The truth is, you can grow just about anything in a container. Naturally, a larger plant does need a larger container, but you might be surprised to learn that plenty of people successfully grow things like citrus and banana trees in large pots!

Remember that plants have a growing season and a dormant season. During the winter, you can move your potted plants indoors and place them in front of windows. If you’re growing plants that go completely dormant in the winter, such as dahlias or canna lilies, you can even put them in a dark room or closet and forget about them until the spring.

In March, you will need to fertilize your plants, water deeply, and get them growing again. When the weather is warm enough for each particular plant (depending upon its needs), you can put them back outside again. Just pay attention to the sunlight needs of each plant, and place them in an appropriate spot on your balcony, patio, or yard.

If you’re growing vegetable plants from seed, just place the seeds directly into the pot along with a good-quality potting soil. Choose a pot that will allow enough room for the fully-grown plant, and provide support for plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. You can use a metal “cage” that inserts right into the pot itself.

Finally, since soil in containers does tend to dry out more easily than typical in-ground garden soil, if you do not have them attached to your drip irrigation system, you will need to check your potted plants at least once per day. In very hot weather you might find that you need to water more than once daily. Just put your finger into the soil and if it doesn’t feel a bit damp to the touch, it’s time to water.

For more advice on growing container plants, stop by our nursery. We can help you select plants that suit your space and preferences, and offer advice on pots, soil, watering, and anything else you might need.

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