If you’d appreciate a lush and inviting garden that is also relatively low maintenance, a Mediterranean-style garden might be right for you. For homeowners in southern California, there’s an added bonus: many of the plants typically seen in Mediterranean gardens are drought resistant, so they work with our naturally dry climate (which also helps to keep your water bills manageable). Another added benefit comes for those who have trouble with rabbits and squirrels. Many plants of Mediterranean origin are naturally animal resistant!

A Mediterranean landscape style encompasses a variety of looks, so you can cultivate a garden with the feel of an Italian villa, a Spanish courtyard, a Greek seaside home, or even a colorful North African bungalow. Some designers choose to mix these styles, creating a look that is completely unique and perfectly suited to the style of the home.

Mediterranean style traditionally includes smaller lawn spaces and more hardscape. Patios and walls lend themselves well to this style, and help to create inviting seating areas. Container plants are popular, and larger areas of the yard tend to be filled with shrubs, ground covers, and flowers rather than grass. Olive and citrus are a popular choice for trees, and herbs, such as rosemary, are practically a requirement. An obvious option is to include plants from the Mediterranean region of the world, but many gardeners also include plants from similar climates such as Australia. One way to spot signature Mediterranean plants is to look for gray-green or deep green foliage and bright blooms.

Earth tones dominate Mediterranean style, with bright accents of red, purple, yellow and blue to create a richly toned landscape palate. Many homeowners use tile to add an authentic feel to their Mediterranean gardens. Speaking of authenticity, this style works well with the popular “weathered” look, and accents of this type give the whole garden an antiqued, European ambiance. Look for rustic patio furniture, terra cotta pots, and oversized urns to use as accents.

Finally, water adds a special touch of life to the garden. Adding a birdbath, small pool, or fountain will add a soothing touch and round out the look of your Mediterranean garden. We have designed numerous award-winning Mediterranean landscapes. Call us today and we can make your home a Mediterranean paradise!

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