Summer is the time for harvesting lavender, a lovely and fragrant herb you might have growing in your own garden. You probably chose it for its scent, or its gentle purple hue, so you might be surprised at how versatile lavender is!

Once your lavender begins to bloom, you can dry bunches of it to be used in a variety of projects. Or, if you don’t have any lavender in your yard, you can also purchase bundles of it. Either way, check out the enormous variety of things you can do with lavender:

• Sprinkle on your floors, then sweep or vacuum to release the scent
• Make your own homemade soaps, deodorants, and lotions
• Infuse lavender into lemonade, for a flavorful and relaxing summer beverage
• Mix a small amount of dried lavender and fennel into some goat chevre, for a light tasty snack with crackers
• Make sachets for your drawers, to keep clothes smelling fresh
• Use lavender in tea, to soothe headaches and anxiety
• Incorporate the herb into homemade scented candles
• Infuse lavender into water to make your own room freshening spray
• Use the crushed or dried flowers in salad dressings
• Decorate homemade gift cards, shadow boxes and more
• Use lavender in your baking – many cake, bread, and cookie recipes benefit from a small addition of the herb
• Make your own essential oil, to soothe bug bites and assist with a variety of common ailments
• Infuse lavender into apple cider or white wine vinegar
• Mix it with Epsom salt, sea salt, and baking soda for a relaxing bath
• Spritz your pillow with lavender infusion, or place a sachet under your pillow for a restful night’s sleep
• Infuse it into olive oil, and rub into your abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps
• Use lavender water on acne to sooth the inflammation
• Whip up a homemade lavender vanilla syrup, for use over ice cream or in champagne
• Make your own scented massage oil, and treat your partner to a relaxing evening

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the things you can do with lavender! It might truly be the most versatile and useful herbs we know. Of course, you can always purchase bundles of dried lavender, but once you try a few of these ideas you will probably become a little bit addicted! At that point you might want to grow your own.

Luckily, lavender is quite easy to grow yourself. Stop by our nursery and we will be happy to offer expert advice, and help you select the right plants for your herb garden.

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