You’re building a new home, or perhaps you’re renovating an older one. At some point your focus will turn to the yard, since you’re concerned with curb appeal and the usefulness of your outdoor space. Whether you’re considering installing a lawn or thinking about changing the current one, size is a major consideration.

Remember that the price of seeding grass or installing turf is only the first expense you will face regarding your lawn. Over the years, you will regularly spend time and money on maintaining it; so, this is a decision to make carefully!

A good rule of thumb, in most cases, is that more is not necessarily better. First consider how you plan to use your lawn. Are you providing a place for children to play? Do you have pets? Do you just like the way it looks? You want to provide enough lawn to meet your needs, without installing so much that you spend unnecessary amounts of time and money maintaining it.

If you’re renovating an existing yard, there are ways to gradually reduce the size of the lawn:

• Each year, re-edge the beds and make them about six inches wider.
• Install some hardscape, such as a large patio for enjoying barbecues and relaxation.
• To add curb appeal and make your home stand out, install a large low-water landscaping area.
• Install a water feature and some ornamental plants around it.
• Plant trees, groupings of shrubbery, or flower beds.
• Replace your lawn with an edible or cutting garden.

These are just some ideas for reducing the size of your lawn. While some people still enjoy a large expanse of green grass, a lawn is certainly not your only landscaping option. And since the maintenance can be time-consuming and costly, it really doesn’t make sense to have a large lawn unless it’s a top priority for you.

It is also worth noting that lawns really are going out of style! If you’re looking for a change, give us a call. We can help you decide how to make the best use of your outdoor space, with a plan that suits your budget, maintenance, and aesthetic preferences.

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