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Backyard gardens once fell out of fashion toward the middle of last century, probably due to the mass availability of supermarket fare. However, home-grown fruits and veggies are now enjoying a much-deserved resurgence in popularity. Amateur gardeners have discovered that food grown in their own backyards tastes fresher. It is also more affordable than supermarket versions that have spent the previous week traveling across country, packed in the back of a truck. Growing Heirloom fruits and vegetables is not only fun, but also offers the opportunity to find produce uncommon in grocery stores today.

If eating organic matters to you, you can be sure of exactly which pest control methods and soil additives have been used in your own garden. Many gardeners started growing their own food as a commitment to their health, but now their part-time hobby has grown into a passion for food.

Part of that passion might derive from the greater diversity of food that you can enjoy with a backyard garden. Whereas we were once limited to whatever produce happened to arrive at our nearest grocery stores, we can now cultivate rare or heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables that were once nearly forgotten. These fruits and vegetables lend a unique touch to meals, with their unusual flavors and interesting textures, making each meal feel gourmet.

In particular, tomato enthusiasts should investigate the immense variety of heirloom strains that are available. Tomatoes vary so much in flavor, and many varieties can be so much more rich and complex than your typical grocery store versions. They even look more interesting and artistic!

Heirloom pumpkins and squashes are other crops that have grown in popularity. Many varieties of winter squash can be harvested in the fall and kept sitting around your home as decorations until you’re ready to use them… And they only get sweeter and more flavorful as they ripen slowly over months! Tomatoes and squash are just two examples, of course. For any fruit or vegetable that you can imagine, there is likely to be a wide array of heirloom and unusual varieties just waiting to be discovered.

How do you gain access to this new world of diverse food options? It’s simple… You can join a community garden or local seed swap, and exchange heirloom seeds and growing tips with other fellow gardeners. You can even search for seed companies online, and order anything you can imagine. Isn’t it amazing, how the Internet has allowed us to come full circle and bring back “old” ways of doing things?!

We can offer tips on setting up your backyard garden, so you can enjoy many years of fresh produce just beyond your doorstep.

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