Get the Look, Part Three: Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse aesthetic is all the rage these days, so we’ve selected it for the third post in our “Get the Look” blog series. We can provide some jumping-off points for your landscape design, but keep in mind that the farmhouse style is heavy on repurposed items. So, your own imagination is the limit with this theme!

Choose a color theme. The farmhouse aesthetic revolves around a neutral palette of whites, tans, or pastels, with one or two bolder colors incorporated into the mix. Bright red, blue, or yellow are common choices for color accents. Utilize this color them throughout your design to keep the look consistent.

It’s all about the porch. What’s a vintage farmhouse without a wide front porch? Make sure to play up this feature, or if you don’t have a porch, create a similar atmosphere on a patio or deck area. Select plush, comfortable furnishings with accents of gingham or plaid, and consider a porch swing. Add flower boxes or hanging arrangements to complete your outdoor oasis.

Farmhouse hardscaping. For walkways or patios, nature stone works best with the farmhouse style. Choosing stones with an irregular shape or weathered look will add to the “vintage” feel.

Add a vegetable garden. They don’t call it a “farm”house without good reason! Adding a small vegetable garden will give you a legitimate farmhouse yard. Plus, you can feed your family healthy, nutritious fresh produce. If you want to start small, try something simple like potted tomatoes or a few hanging baskets of strawberries.

Choose lush flowering plants. Farmers know that bees are necessary for pollinating crops, so they often plant vibrant flowering plants to attract them. Butterfly bushes, hydrangeas, rose bushes, tulips, daisies, and dogwoods make excellent choices for both their practical and aesthetic purposes.

Include the classic picket fence. If regulations or budget prevent you from fencing your entire yard, that’s okay! Just a few sections of picket fencing can be used as a decorative accent here and there, and the effect is just as quaint.

Repurpose and reusing. Farm life means using everything available, so go ahead and get creative. Old wagon wheels, wheelbarrows, bicycles, and more have been used at planters or accents in the garden. Browse garage sales or thrift stores, consult Pinterest, and let your imagination take over!

If you need help selecting new trees or installing features, we can help. Let’s discuss your project, and we can make additional recommendations based upon your space and preferences.

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