Get the Look Part Two: Tropical Paradise

This week in our “Get the Look” blog series, we’re focusing on landscaping to create your own tropical paradise. With warmer weather just a few months away, start making a plan now if you want to enjoy your own backyard paradise this summer.

Leafy greens. Bold, green leafy plants are a staple in tropical landscapes. Intersperse large, leafy ferns with tall, bold flowers for the perfect pairing. And of course, no tropical landscape is complete without a palm tree.

Vary your colors. Bold color is half the fun of tropical landscapes. When choosing flowering plants, remember to vary your color choices. Red, orange, yellow, and vivid purple combine to stimulate your visual senses.

Irrigate. Many tropical plants require moderate to heavy watering, so consider that need before installing this type of landscape. If such you already have an irrigation system installed on your property, check to be sure all features are working properly and are well placed for your needs. Then, consider whether you need to reprogram the system to produce more water for your new plants.

Add a water feature. What’s a lush tropical paradise without a water feature? A swimming pool or small pond is ideal, but a waterfall feature or simply a fountain would work well also. Just remember to consider plant choices carefully when landscaping around a pool; some can be messier than others.

What to do in winter. Some tropical varieties need to shelter indoors during cool weather. These varieties can be potted, so that you can easily move them from patio to indoors over the winter.

Consider a tiki bar. If you entertain in your backyard regularly (or you just want to enjoy it all alone) consider a tiki bar installation. This will give your landscape or pool area a Polynesian twist.

For more tropical landscaping ideas, give us a call to discuss your project. Whether you want to add a fun feature or two, or hope to overhaul your entire landscape, we can help you design a project that fits your needs and budget.