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If you’re looking for an outdoor activity to stay busy and safe at home, why not try your hand at gardening? The following are just some of the reasons that gardening can benefit your health while also keeping you entertained.

Reduce stress. Just getting outside often reduces anxiety noticeably within minutes. Even better, gardening provides light exercise that almost anyone can do. Focusing on creating something beautiful in your yard, and watching your hard work pay off in the form of attractive flowers or delicious veggies, brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Do your part. During World War Two, the nation faced food shortages due to production difficulties and the need to send food to soldiers overseas. So, many families began planting “victory gardens” to support the war effort. More food produced at home meant less strain on the supply chains.

As the media reminds us that production disruptions continue to occur due to the coronavirus outbreak, it couldn’t hurt for all of us to grow a small garden of our own. Each vegetable that you produce at home means one left on the shelf at the store, for someone who can’t grow their own food.

Provide food for your family. And, of course, you’ll enjoy all the delicious vegetables you grow at home! Not only does fresh produce taste better when it’s harvested straight from your yard; you can ensure that it is grown organically and picked at peak ripeness. When fruits and vegetables are sourced locally, they are eaten more quickly before their important nutrients begin to degrade.

Fresh air, sunshine, and more. Staying cooped up in the house can lead to feelings of lethargy. Getting some fresh air is often all we need to perk up. We also know that exposure to sunlight prompts our bodies to produce vitamin D, which is essential to bone health and healthy immune function. And guess what: Digging in the dirt exposes you to all sorts of beneficial microbes. Unless you’re immune compromised, getting dirty in the garden is actually good for you!

Call us if you’re interested in installing a vegetable garden or installing fruit trees. We can help you fit the project into your existing landscape, and answer any other questions.

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