A swimming pool is more than just a place to cool off on a hot day; it’s a symbol of leisure and luxury right in your backyard. To elevate your poolside experience and create a mesmerizing oasis, consider upgrading your swimming pool with cutting-edge features that go beyond the ordinary.

Lighted Deck Jets. Lighted deck jets are an enchanting addition to any pool, creating a magical ambiance as streams of water dance and shimmer in different colors. These jets are installed around the pool’s perimeter, and the LED lights cast a gentle glow on the water’s surface, illuminating the pool area during the evening hours. The combination of soothing water features and soft lighting enhances the overall aesthetics of your pool and provides a delightful experience for both swimmers and spectators.

Swim Lane with Current Generator. Take your swimming experience to the next level with a swim lane featuring a current generator. This innovative feature creates a resistance current, simulating the feeling of swimming against a steady stream. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, the swim lane offers a challenging workout without the need for a large lap pool. Enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout while feeling like you’re swimming in a vast open sea.

In-Pool Lounges with Reef Steps. In-pool lounges provide a luxurious touch of comfort and relaxation. Imagine soaking up the sun on a comfortable ledge submerged within the pool’s refreshing waters. These in-pool lounges often feature reef steps, allowing you to sit partially submerged with water at waist level, creating the illusion of being on a tranquil beach. In-pool lounges are the perfect spot to unwind, enjoy a good book, or simply savor the calming waters around you.

Fire Bowls. Transform your pool area into a breathtaking spectacle with the addition of fire bowls. Strategically placed fire bowls alongside the pool deck add warmth, drama, and a touch of elegance. The flickering flames create a captivating contrast against the water, making evenings by the pool feel like a magical affair. Additionally, fire bowls extend the usability of your pool area, providing cozy warmth during cooler nights.

Fog System. Create an ethereal atmosphere with a fog system that gently disperses a fine mist over the pool’s surface. The mist creates a dreamy, mystical ambiance that adds a touch of elegance and allure to your pool area. The fog system is particularly enchanting when combined with pool lighting, turning your backyard into a captivating oasis reminiscent of a high-end resort.

Underwater Speakers. Enhance your pool parties and leisure time with underwater speakers that deliver crystal-clear sound below the water’s surface. Whether you’re swimming, relaxing on a float, or hosting a gathering by the pool, underwater speakers provide an immersive audio experience without disturbing the tranquility above the water. Connect your favorite music playlist or audio system and enjoy an unforgettable aquatic sound experience.

Upgrading your swimming pool with these cutting-edge features elevates your backyard into a private oasis that exudes luxury and sophistication. Lighted deck jets, a swim lane with a current generator, in-pool lounges with reef steps, fire bowls, a fog system, and underwater speakers all contribute to a mesmerizing poolside experience that leaves you and your guests awe-inspired. Embrace these modern pool upgrades and transform your swimming pool area into a magical retreat that embodies relaxation, entertainment, and opulence. Dive into luxury and enjoy a pool experience like no other!

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