Easy maintenance tropical oasis garden

Tropical landscaping may make you feel like you’re on a perpetual island vacation, and it certainly adds beauty and value to your home. But if you’re skittish about using plants that are sensitive to frost, there are other ways to lend a tropical feel to your landscaping without the hassle of caring for finicky plants. Or, you may choose to include a small number of potted tropical plants that are easy to move off your patio and inside the house whenever the temperature will dip too low for them.

So which elements, aside from plants, lend a tropical ambiance to your outdoor space? Try the following:

Bamboo fencing. If you need to divide your space somehow, choose bamboo over more traditional choices like picket or solid vinyl. Bamboo is inexpensive and durable, and makes an instant visual impact.

Tiki torches. When powered by natural gas or propane, tiki torches are an environmentally friendly, inexpensive way to add festive flair to your patio or poor area.

Lava rock fire pit. Another tropical fire element, a lava rock fire pit is a great solution if you want a centrally located fire feature for your landscaping. Imagine sharing drinks with friends, enjoying a cozy conversation space arranged around your fire pit!

Hammock space. Nothing says “tropical paradise” quite like relaxing in a hammock! You can even group several hammocks together so that the whole family can relax outdoors.

Tiki bar. If you enjoy drinks by the pool when you’re on vacation, why not bring that feeling home with you? Installing a tiki bar is an instant fun upgrade for your patio or pool area. Just watch out, because your home may become the favorite neighborhood gathering place!

Water. What’s a tropical paradise without water? A swimming pool is the obvious choice, but if you don’t have the budget or time for a pool, there are other options. A small pond is another great option. Stock it with goldfish and add the relaxing sound of a trickling waterfall, and you can enjoy the natural ambiance of a tropical island.

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