Backyard chicken coops are all the rage in the past few years. Keeping your own flock can help you provide healthy, fresh food to your family with minimal effort.  And now, with the price of eggs skyrocketing, you might be more interested in chickens than ever!

But first, you will need a chicken coop. No, you don’t have to resign yourself to an unattractive, smelly mess that only serves as an eyesore in your backyard. Get creative with your chicken coop, and you’ll find that it becomes an attractive and even whimsical focal point in your garden.

These ideas can get you started, but feel free to let your imagination wander. Chickens aren’t too fussy and can be kept almost anywhere, with a few key considerations, of course.

Consider a children’s playhouse. You can probably find a used children’s playhouse for free or cheap on Facebook Marketplace or another site. Use wire mesh panels to block the windows, and you have a cute chicken house with minimal building effort.

Repurpose a potting shed or large doghouse. These buildings can also be repurposed as chicken houses, and you should view them as a blank slate. Paint them any color you want, and landscape around the structures so that they look natural in your garden.

Showcase your sense of humor. Many chicken keepers on Instagram and Pinterest are happy to show off their amusing designs. From Old West-style “towns” to a miniature replica of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, the ideas to display your sense of humor are endless.

Add a sign. For some reason, funny chicken house signs are a whole niche of product these days. And we’re on board with the trend! Adding a sign or two provides an amusing touch that your visitors will enjoy.

Remember a nesting box. Depending upon how many hens you keep, you will need one or several nesting boxes. Place these where you can easily retrieve the eggs and clean them periodically.

Just remember safety. A number of predators love to feast on chickens, and many of them are nocturnal. Make sure your chicken house is secure from racoons, dogs, and other hungry pests. Even if you allow your chickens to roam during the day, they should be secured at night.

And if you want to build a coop from scratch, give us a call. We can help you fit it into your landscape design.