Now that summer vacation is coming to an end, most kids are headed back to school. Many parents enjoy giving “back to school” presents to their kids’ teachers, such as a wall decoration, something special for the teacher’s desk, or an attractive potted plant to add cheer to the classroom.

We, of course, highly recommend a potted plant! It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year, and if you select a hardy plant, teachers can even take them home and continue to enjoy them when the school year is over.

So which plants make the best gift for a busy teacher? Obviously, you want to choose something low maintenance, that will fare well indoors. We suggest one of the following:

Amaryllis – these bloom all winter and add a lively touch during the cool season.

Succulents – these require very little water and are extremely hardy. You can arrange several succulents together in an attractive pot, for a beautiful, long-lasting gift.

Orchids – these elegant plants make a unique gift, but do require a bit more care. They make the perfect gift for a science or agriculture teacher, who will appreciate the challenge.

Air plants – these require zero dirt or real watering – just a bit of mist occasionally. This is the perfect choice for the busy elementary school teacher, and the kids will get a kick out of the plant that seems to grow miraculously with practically no maintenance.

Lavender – this herb is fragrant all year round, and can be replanted into your teacher’s home garden when school ends next year.

Potted herbs – delicious, fragrant herbs like rosemary and basil make great gifts, and your teacher can use them to teach their students about plants in our diet. A tea garden also makes for a unique and easy-to-grow gift.

The above are just some of our favorite gift suggestions for potted plants.

We love appreciating our teachers as much as you do!

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