Growing up, many of us can remember visiting our grandparents’ farm, fishing in a nearby pond, and spending hours playing in the woods behind our houses. Somehow, the magic of our childhood seems lost today, as we rush about on our daily commutes from townhomes to bustling office buildings. Even our food seems decidedly un-magical, as we purchase bagged meals through car windows and grab factory-made snacks from vending machines. Seeking refuge in nature requires months of planning for an expensive vacation. Growing a garden in our own front yards might even conflict with HOA rules. Many of us have never met most of our neighbors.

For those weary of this impersonal, modern way of life, community planners have devised yet another “product” to market to you. But this one might be exactly what you seek. “Agrihoods” are popping up all over the country, offering life at a slower pace and a deeper connection to nature and each other.

These communities are often planned around farms, or offer community gardening spaces to homeowners. Those who adopt the agrihood lifestyle trade the convenience of fast food drive-throughs for the convenience of organic food grown in their front yards. They know where their food comes from, it’s grown by someone they know (or by themselves), and best of all, it’s fresh and available 24/7.

Other agrihood perks might include access to wooded areas, fishing, hiking trails, biking paths, and swimming holes. Community buildings encourage neighbors to intermingle, and social events are planned regularly. An agrihood is a place you can imagine your children and grandchildren roaming freely, learning in nature rather than through a screen. These developments promise a peaceful, slower pace of life, and a return to the connectedness of small community. They seemed designed to restore the magic of times past, but with added modern conveniences such as high-speed internet and proximity to public transit.

If you’re in the market for a new home, remember to consider not just the structure itself, but the atmosphere of the surrounding community. If you’ve felt that something is lacking within your current neighborhood, an agrihood just might provide those missing pieces.

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