We all know that fall has arrived when coffee shops start advertising their pumpkin spice drinks! Whether or not you enjoy pumpkin treats, chances are good that you love fall foliage. There’s just something about red and gold leaves that put us in the mood for the holidays to come.

But of course, here in Southern California, we have to put in a bit more work to cultivate that “fall feeling”. Try the following landscaping and decorating ideas to add autumn color to your yard.

Plant trees. Deciduous trees are trees that change color and drop their leaves in the late fall and early winter. If you’re considering a new tree (or several) for your yard, you will weigh several factors such as size, placement, maintenance, and even expense. You might as well consider the tree’s appearance on a year-round basis. If you choose a deciduous variety such as Pear, Oak, Maple, Gingko, and so on, then you can enjoy beautiful gold, red, or yellow leaves each autumn. Fruit trees, such as the Pomegranate or Persimmon with their brightly colored fruits, are also excellent choices.

Choose vibrant shrubs. Shrubs can also provide color, whether through their foliage, flowers, or even berries. Witch hazel glows with bright yellow leaves in early fall, and then with brilliant flowers in later fall even after the leaves have dropped. Blueberry bushes provide delicious fruit throughout the summer, and brilliant red foliage in the fall. There are many varieties of shrubs that provide fall color, so the best course of action is to visit a nursery to see what strikes your fancy!

Renovate flower beds. As you know, flowers only bloom for part of the year. That’s why we recommend choosing a variety of flowers that bloom at different times, so that you can always enjoy some color in your garden. You might even choose to put in a new flower bed, perhaps to spruce up your HOA strip or sidewalk. There are plenty of flowers including Chrysanthemums, Rain Lilies and even Daylilies that look wonderful in autumn.

Decorate the “easy way.”. Not feeling up to a landscaping project? You can still add plenty of gorgeous fall color, without having to put in much work! Hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, potted plants, wreaths, and other fall decorations can be purchased “ready to go,” without much work needed at all. Check out our Pinterest page for ideas!

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